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The UK’s first proper website made especially for older people has come on far, from a bright idea with modest beginnings to the sharp, modern and enterprising online directory we are now pleased give you today! The author of…… Read More

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Who Are We

Who are we?

We all have older loved ones who struggle from time to time when trying to use the internet. For many, it can be intimidating for those not used to it, and, in addition, the plethora of flashing images and irritating… … Read More

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Getting Here

Getting here!

Developing JustforSeniors.co.uk has been a truly stimulating, challenging and tremendously enjoyable project, with the number one aim being to craft a helpful and user friendly website to improve and enrich the lives of older members of our society. Perhaps… … Read More

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Our Clients

Warwickshire Renewables will offer a complete solution from design through to installation of Microgeneration technologies to residential and business properties leaving you peace of mind and a carefree system. Since we are local, our customers can be rest assured that any queries or concerns will be dealt with in an efficient and professional manner.